Mini Beauty & Makeup Haul – August 2016

Mini Beauty & Makeup Haul – August 2016

Hi everyone! Following on from my Summer Beauty Box blog I thought I would do a mini beauty haul. When I was in Manchester recently, I wanted to pick up a foundation that matches my tan. As you can see, this didn’t happen and I got distracted and ended up

getting these instead (This always happens!) So here we go…

I recently posted about National Lipstick Day where I mentioned purchasing a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Miranda May from The Hot Lips Collection. It’s a deep pink-coral colour which is one of my favourite colours to wear in the summer. It has an angled tip so that it gives more precision when you apply it. You can build on the colour depending on what look you are going for. It gives a matte finish, but unlike some lipsticks in the past, I really like the texture and it doesn’t drag on your lips or dry them out. I’m definitely going to purchase more colours from this collection!

Oh! K duo lip balms – I stumbled across these and to be honest I just got them because they looked cute!! The yellow cat is “white peach” flavour and the brown one is “cotton candy” and these are literally just flavoured balms. They look lovely in your makeup bag for added cuteness or just on your desk to brighten it up. Say no to boring chapsticks!

 I have been a fan of of face sheet masks for many years and buy them when I’m in Asia. For me, they are much more hydrating on my skin and feel that they are more nourishing.

The Dr Morita Bee Venom Ceramide Repair Essence Eye Masks aren’t as scary as it sounds – I promise! I’ve only just discovered these ones recently and they have been a lifesaver for my poor eyes over the past few weeks. The lack of sleep, dryness and the dark circles under my eyes (which were getting darker by the day) made me feel and look like death, and of course, ageing. These little gems are from Hong Kong and each eye mask is individually wrapped. When you take one out of the packet they are already saturated in this solution that is a mixture of vitamins and minerals. I use these around once a week just before I go to bed, I always feel like The Mask of Zorro or some kind of Superhero for about 20 minutes when I put them on. I definitely notice a difference – the skin around the eye area is super soft and the dark circles are less noticeable. Even after one use of these little beauties I noticed a huge difference! I’m currently rationing these as I only have a box left which have 5 pieces.

I couldn’t resist getting the Oh! K Coconut Water Fibre Face Masks to add to my mask collection. You get 3 pieces in a pack and after using one for the first time the other day, I’m impressed. The main ingredient is coconut water so it’s really hydrating and cooling.

These three understated yet beautiful individual eye shadows from Laura Mercier in the colours Ginger, Cashmere and Topaz . The palette with a mirror inside came free which is worth around £20, so it’s worth say yes to one!  The first two colours are matte and the third is luster and has a very slight sheen to it. They are perfect for everyday use and blend easily with each other. I also got the Laura Mercier liptstick in the colour Sensual – a gorgeous nudey pink colour that has now become a staple in my makeup bag. I love the texture when I apply it on – very smooth and feels creamy, and it gives a nice satin-matte finish.

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and if you would like me to do a more specific haul in the future just let me know 🙂

Thanks for reading! Lots of Love, Heather xxx




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