Happy National Brow Day!

Happy National Brow Day!

Happy National Brow Day! I hope everyone’s Brow Game is strong today as I am a big fan. My favourite is the soft arch-less look, as I feel this gives a more youthful look. I love how even without makeup, well-groomed eyebrows help to frame the face. I barely touch my tweezers and every time I see someone with these full-bodied, lush eyebrows I go all green-eyed! If you have always wanted to try this look then here is my quick guide on how I achieve it…

Step 1 – Rid any strays

Like I said, I hardly use my tweezers and when I do it’s usually to pluck the odd stray hairs on the brow bone. If you have Cara Delevingne-esque brows then I envy you completely as you have what I want! (She is my Brow-Idol, along with Lily Collins). Afterwards, I use an eyebrow brush to brush them upwards and outwards.

Step 2 – Fill In

My brows are quite arch-less so this makes it easier for me to create the straight-eyebrow look. I used to use an eyebrow pencil but now I just use an angled eyeliner brush and powder instead – Eyebrow Kit in Brunette by Collection is PERFECT, as it comes with a double ended brush and an eyebrow gel (I think I have gone through three of these palettes!)

With the brush, I create a straight line under and above the brow bone, connecting them to the ends. If you prefer to use a pencil I would use small strokes to draw a straight line under and above your brow. I then fill in the missing areas.

Tip: When it comes to choosing the colour I wouldn’t advise going for black. Instead I choose a dark brown eyeshadow (like MAC in Mystery) which is more natural and more flattering on the skin. In my palette I always use the middle shade, for a deep but soft look as it doesn’t look too harsh.

Step 3 – Eyebrow Gel

I always use an eyebrow gel to help set the powder in place. The palette I use comes in a handy mini size (it’s running out too) and I use it to brush the brows upwards and outwards.

Tip: If you don’t have an eyebrow gel, clear mascara works just as well! Sometimes I even use a tiny amount of Vaseline just to keep them well-groomed and to hold them in place.

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide and I’d love to hear what your favourite brow look is and any tips you’d like to share!

Love Heather x



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