Blogosphere Christmas Market – 5th November 2016

Blogosphere Christmas Market – 5th November 2016

On Saturday 5th November, I travelled down to London to attend the first ever Blogosphere Christmas Market at The Strand Gallery. I was super-excited (and a little nervous) as I hadn’t been to a bloggers-event before, and I really wanted to meet other like-minded bloggers as well as seeing the different brands showcasing different things. I knew I was at the right place when I saw a giant cover of Issue 10 Blogosphere magazine, with the beautiful Victoria aka Inthefrow on the front.

Once I arrived, I was met by the lovely Blogosphere team and was given a glass of champagne, I was enjoying it already. I was first greeted by The London Tea Company who was the main sponsor of the market, and they were lovely enough to let me try out some of their selection of teas. I really liked their new Winter Wonderment blend which tastes super minty and refreshing, reminds of the fresh feeling you get after brushing your teeth.

Next I visited Latest in Beauty (The Libbie Club) where you can subscribe to find new and exciting products to try out and review, for the fraction of the price. It is similar to Birchbox but you get to choose the products instead, creating a bespoke beauty box filled with luxury sized samples that suits you. I was given a very generous amount of WOW face masks and Charles Worthington Leave-In hair conditionersAs a big face mask lover, I cannot wait to try them out. Worth £17 each, they are a luxury collagen treatment mask that claims to lift and rejuvenate your skin, as  well as keeping it well hydrated.

Does anyone remember the So….? fragrances? When I saw the stand it brought back so many memories. Me and my school friends used to talk about the latest fragrances and I instantly recognised the Kiss Me EDT with the lipstick kisses covering the bottle. They now have a new body mist range that’s exclusive to Superdrug only. My favourite is Floriental which has notes of pear, apple and mandarin for that fresh and fruity smell.

I headed over to speak with Social Superstore, a great opportunity where you can open your very own store online, to buy and share your favourite products. I had already opened my store before so I was excited to speak with them for any tips and guidance. The ladies were super kind and helpful and you can read more about my store in my other post here.

And lastly, I went to the 7th Heaven stand, previously known as Montagne Jeunesse before they were rebranded. I remember this brand when growing up and me and my friends used to swap the masks to try out different ones. I have noticed they now do a huge mask range including eyes and nose, hair, fingers and even for men. I love that all their products are against Animal Testing and are Cruelty Free accredited. I was lucky to receive a cute Christmas stocking and inside was filled with pretty much all their masks! My favourite is the Charcoal Masque, an exfoliating mask that deeply cleanse pores and removes dead skin cells for the nice clean feel afterwards. It also won the Best New Skincare Award recently.

Whilst at the venue, I also got to meet other fellow bloggers who are so lovely, I really hope I get to see them again. Overall, I really really enjoyed my first Blogosphere event and can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. For anyone who has never been to a blogger’s event I highly recommend going to them, everyone is so friendly and I enjoy getting to know people in general to share experiences and tips on blogging. My arms did feel like they were about to drop off though from all the goody-bags, I didn’t expect so much generous goodies!

So I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Blogosphere Team for organising a great day and can’t wait to see you again. x H


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