My Social Superstore Shop – Now Open!

My Social Superstore Shop – Now Open!

Hi everyone, I am excited to share my new online shop I have recently created where from now on, any one who wishes to buy any products I use or clothes that I wear featured in my blog or videos, you can do so via a link to my site.

I have tried my very best to include all the products that I love on the site however, not everything is available on there, but the things I can add I will. For example, I got my  floral Tea-dress from Toshop therefore, I have picked the link for Topshop so it can take you straight to that item on their website.

I do really hope you like it and if any of you are also on Social Superstore and would like to follow me then it would make me so happy(!) And if you would like me to check out your store then just let me know as I love seeing what everyone is selling and what the current trends are.

And just to let you know, at the end I do get a commission for selling them but I promise my reviews are 100% the truth as I would only recommend the products if I genuinely love them.

This is the link to my store if you wish to take a look:

You can follow me on:

Instagram @heatherlee888

Twitter @HeatherLee888

YouTube @Heatherlee

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