Birchbox X Tatler Beauty Treats Review – November 2016

 Birchbox X Tatler Beauty Treats Review – November 2016

This months Birchbox is a collaboration with Tatler magazine and I could not wait to see what was in store for me. It arrived over a week ago and I wanted to give the products a try before giving you a review. I have been a Birchbox subscriber for just under six months and so far so good. I can honestly say that this months box, the design is my favourite by far. The deep purple and teal colours are so beautiful and inside, the products are themed around this party season. So what is inside my November Birchbox I hear you ask? Well I received five treats in total, one of which is full-size. These are…

Protect & Detangle by Beauty Protector (Birchbox Exclusive) RRP £18.50

This was the first thing I used out of the five items as I couldn’t resist the smell, sweet but not too overpowering and I am always on the lookout for latest products on haircare. Having long hair means high maintenance, making sure it is in tip top condition and protecting it from sun and heat damage. I love that this is an all-in-one spritzer as I don’t like having to buy lots of different hair products to do different things. This little gem detangles my hair, keeps it well conditioned and shiny, as well as protecting it from harmful UV rays. It’s so easy and lightweight to use, I literally just spray it through damp hair after my shower. It also protects my hair from heat damage when I use my curlers.

Midi Wet Brush by Wet Brush (full-size) RRP from £11.99

I have to admit I am slightly annoyed about receiving this as the full-size treat because quite frankly, I already have a good detangling brush and I didn’t want another. I would have preferred to have had a full-sized product that was either skincare or makeup related. It is a good size however to put in your handbag or to take with you on trips away.

Lip Tar Primer by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics RRP £15

I was excited to try this out as who doesn’t want their favourite lipstick to last all night? I love the peppermint smell and I am impressed that only a tiny amount is all I need. It contains vitamin E to help keep my lips soft and smooth however, my lipstick didn’t last as long as I thought it would. I do think that the matte liquid lipsticks I use have much more staying-power though so I think I will continue using this lip tar as a soothing lip balm. It is also Cruelty Free and suitable for Vegans.

Creme Prodigieuse, Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream  by NUXE RRP £21

This is the only product that has reached a place in my makeup bag, and has featured in my recent video – What’s In My Makeup Bag. In my previous Birchbox I received a NUXE Precious Scented Shower Oil which I liked, so I was happy to get another one of their products to try out. It has a nice calming fragrance, doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the skin and absorbs easily into my skin before I apply my makeup.

Brow Pencil in Indian Chocolate by bbrowbar RRP £13

I have always been loyal to my Collection Eyebrow Kit in Brunette, and it would take a lot for it to be replaced by something just as good. This brow pencil claims to be  waterproof and smudge proof, providing a matte finish for the perfect looking arches. Only one problem…. it’s completely the wrong shade for me. It’s no where  near my natural hair colour and no matter how hard I repeatedly go over the brows with it, the colour looks too light and I end up with very box-shaped brows. This colour is suitable for those with much lighter hair as oppose to black. It’s such a shame as it if were the right shade for me, I would try this out for sure. But for now, I shall stick with my trusty Collection Kit.

Although the treats came in a beautiful box this month, I can’t help but feel that some of the products are wasted on me. Like the brush and the brow pencil for instance, and that in turn feels like I haven’t received much this month. I am hoping next month will make up for it and it’ll be just in time for Christmas too.

Does anyone else have this months Birchbox and what are your views on it?

x H


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