All-Year Round Glow with St. Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse

All-Year Round Glow with St. Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse

Summer is my favourite time of the year. Not only is it because that’s when my birthday is, but I think I was born to enjoy sunny days and hot climate. I get to wear pretty dresses and cute skirts and not have to worry about lacking in Vitamin D each day. But I realise when that time comes, my legs have hardly seen the universe, after hiding away in the winter months. Don’t get me wrong, I like winter and the cooler months (only when it’s dry and sunny, of course) but they are hidden away in high-waisted jeans and eventually lose their healthy colour from previous holidays. Most of my body doesn’t see a single bit of sun-ray for the rest of the year unless I go on a scorching hot holiday. So how do I get that all-over body glow all-year round  The answer is St. Moriz.

Why St. Moriz?

I am a BIG fan of St. Moriz fake tans, and ever since I used it for the first time a couple of years ago, I find it is just as good as the expensive big named brands for fake tanning. St. Moriz is a budget tan, which has an amazing quality giving a professional finish. It’s super easy  and quick to use so I can feel like a true Bronzed Goddess in no time. When I saw that they expanded their range over the years, I was excited to try their new 5 in 1 Advanced Pro Formula Tanning Mousse 250ml (Dark), £7.99 a bottle from Superdrug, to see how it compared to the original St. Moriz Tanning Mousse, £4.99. It also comes in  a Medium version to suit lighter skin tones.

Mitt & Application

When applying the fake tan I always use a mitt for the mousse to dispense on, to create an even finish (and to avoid getting orange hands obviously). I don’t buy a particular brand for the mitts however, I just couldn’t resist getting the cute St. Moriz flamingo-and-pineapple design. They don’t cost any more than the usual standard ones that I buy, and they are perfect for this summer. The mitt makes the application effortless, especially when the formula is super light and dries within a few seconds – perfect for when I am on the go and need to get dressed quickly. The dispenser is a pump-action which dispenses a good sized amount with each pump. When applying it on, the colour is instant as it has a guide-colour so that you can see where you are applying and areas to make sure you get full coverage. The tan develops into a deep golden glow in around 5-7 hours so I tend to do the application right before I go to bed. The next morning I can rinse the guide colour off in the shower. My tan lasts around four days days and for the aftercare, I simply make sure my skin stays well moisturised and hydrated to preserve the tan.

Results and Benefits

I find the 5 in 1 gives a longer lasting tan as the colour seems water-resistant and my skin feels and looks well moisturised, giving a luxurious luminous finish. What I LOVE about this particular St. Moriz formula is that it contains a fragrance breakthrough technology whereby it doesn’t smell (like the typical “biscuit tan smell” you can get in fake tans). Instead it smells light and has a fresh fragrance.

Top “Tan” Commandments

  • Scrub Up! Prepping your skin is really important. Always exfoliate your skin before you tan to achieve an even golden colour all over, otherwise, you could end up with a flaky, patchy tan.
  • Make sure skin is well moisturised and dry before application (again to avoid patchy tan).
  • I always pump the product onto a clean mitt for each application and use circular motions on the skin to evenly distribute it. I like to use one coat but it’s personal preference and some people like to put two for a deeper colour.
  • Any excess on the mitt go over the face, hands and feet, elbows and knees for a more natural result.

What is your favourite Tanning brand? I would love to hear your thoughts on St. Moriz and why not check out my Twitter and Instagram page for more beauty inspiration.

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