10 Travel Hacks by Heather Lee

10 Travel Hacks by Heather Lee

You have finally booked your break away and it’s time to face one of the biggest holiday stresses – packing and travel. So today I’m going to share with you some of my best “travel hacks” I’ve learned over my years of travelling away whether it was in-land or abroad, which I hope will save you time and space.

1. Stay safe in the sun

Let’s be honest, looking like a lobster and peeling-skin is not an attractive look. Plus it’s VERY damaging to the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer(!). I always stay smart in the sun with a high SPF30 or more on the body, and SPF50 on the face (Shiseido Wetforce Lotion SPF50 is my all-time favourite). Don’t forget places like behind your ears, neck and the feet!

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2. Look fresh on arrival

No matter how long the travel journey is I always carry a small bottle of face mist like Avène Thermal Water Spray, and a tiny pot of rich moisturiser such as Aēsop Rind Concentrate Body Bind (which by the way smells amazing). Also, there’s nothing worse than stale air on the plane causing your skin to dehydrate and looking dull. I always spritz my face just before I land to perk me up and to give my skin a fresh, dewy look.

3. From beach to bar

Whilst on holiday I don’t want to be spending hours doing my hair when I could be out enjoying some delicious food and having a few drinks. I like to make the most of the salty sea air or the sea salt from swimming by wrapping hair in a top knot, plaiting or pinning/twisting it up and letting it dry. After a few hours when I’m all ready to go out you get these gorgeous beach waves – effortless and hassle free.

4. Protect hot styling tools

Following on from No.3, if you’re like me and like to bring hot styling tools just in case (I can’t live without my curling wand), tuck it into a potholder to protect it from damage and to protect your clothes in the suitcase. It also means I don’t have to wait for my curlers to cool down completely, even after I have used it last minute as the potholder will protect it even when it’s still warm.


5. Travel-size products 

Not only does taking travel-size products  save on space, but they also look super cute and you can carry some of them in your handbag, for example deodorant. If you can’t find your favourite product in a travel-size I usually decanter them into a small bottle or tiny plastic pots which you can put your foundation or creams into. If you have any spare contact lens cases they are the perfect size for this too. Don’t forget to take advantage of free samples. I always save a load of them including perfumes, moisturisers, eye creams and even toothpastes as they are perfect for going away and they usually last me the entire holiday.

6. Multi-purpose products

I like to  take multi-purpose products so I can use it for more than one thing for example my Charlotte Tilbury Colour Pop Stick in Formentera which can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Also, some lipsticks and bronzers can double up as eyeshadows

7. Protect makeup compact

I like to place a cotton pad in your blusher or powder compact to ensure that it won’t break while you’re in transit.

8. Roll your clothes

This saves so much space and avoids creases.

9. Store loose cables

The last thing you want is loose power cables in your luggage or handbag tangled into one big mess. I like to use a sunglasses case to store them in, keeping them neat and in one place.

10. Get free Sat-Nav

Navmii is a free app for iPhone and Android, which turns a GPS smartphone into a sat-nav that you can use in cars or on foot. I used this recently when I was in Italy where I pre-set the journeys I was going to. It’s useful as it shows you your location without using any data because they’re stored offline in your phone – Genius.

I’d love to hear what your travel hacks are, let me know in the comments section. Happy holidaying! Love Hx



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