Hello I’m Heather Lee and welcome to my blog! This is my little space where I share all my thoughts in beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. Beauty and Makeup have always been my passion and I have always wanted to have some place where I could express myself and share my experiences. Born and raised in the UK to Chinese parents, I have grown up with both Western and Eastern influences. I focus on Asian beauty products as well as reviewing European and American cosmetics. Besides that, I love travelling and photography, and hope to share my travel stories with you. You’ll notice I am a foodie fan too but I do try to balance this out with fitness.

My dream is to have my own beauty and skincare range but for now, I enjoy blogging and I have just recently started my channel on Youtube.

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All the products featured I have purchased myself. I ONLY recommend products that I genuinely love and would recommend to friends. I can’t guarantee that the products I mention will work on all skin types so please take into account your own skin types and allergies. I would suggest to test products out yourself before purchasing.

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